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About Us

Who are we?

We are a UK based company that strives to provide customers in the UK and Europe with the finest, ethically & organically grown cannabinoid extracts on the market. To meet our company’s high ethical standards, our products are produced under strict EU quality control conditions, rigorously lab tested and naturally & sustainably sourced hemp plants.

The company was born* from the amazing relief CBD products have provided both friends and family members who have suffered a range of ailments, from acne to cancer. We whole heartedly believe in the incredible properties of CBD and multitude of uses the hemp plant has to offer.

Welcome you to our CBD family !! When needed, we are will here to offer you our friendly help & guidance. May the purity and consistent quality of our fine nutritional supplements enrich your life !!

Why are we here?

A few years ago, although it still seems like yesterday, we planned an amazing Christmas gathering, with loved ones flying in from all over the world. The first full family get together in 10 years!!!! We were absolutely loving the time together – reminiscing, joking, partying. Throughout this wonderful reunion my brother-in-law wasn’t feeling too well and tended to stay in the background so as not to dampen the family’s precious time together. Alas, it turned out he had not long prior to this been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This healthy and highly active man, who seldom even suffered a cold life and who always carried the biggest smile, Just wasn’t the man I have always known.

Initial chemo and radiation therapy stemmed the spread but didn’t remove the cancer. He subsequently joined a medication program using a new experimental concoction of treatments, but to no avail – the cancer was not progressing but not going away either. He then started using CBD oil to help alleviate the pain. Unfortunately he passed away 3 years after his diagnosed, BUT having witnessed the incredible relief CBD oil gave him in his final months, that’s when I vowed to get involved in some way with this incredible therapy.